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S-Track Asuka A600 Massage Chair-Brown





Full body air massage on neck , shoulders, arms, calves and so on.
Lower back heating&Vibration to soothe or relax your back and waist.
3 stage zero gravity with initial, comfort and deep to choose.
Computer body detection for your height, figure and spine
S-track massage system from your head to your waist directly.
3 levels massage speed& adjustable airbags intensity.
Legs stretching available to fit for different height people.
Foot rollers to stimulate your blood circulation.


OOTORI A-600 is Designed With Zero Gravity and Space-saving Function to Recline You in 3 stages

Zero-gravity design with 3 levels to enjoy and inbuilt with lower back heating which provides you an excellent full body shiatsu massage, combined with different massage operations, robot hand massage from head to foot. OOTORI S3 also allows just 3 inches between the shiatsu massager and wall, you can put the chair at anywhere, such as living room, balcony, bedroom and so on.

S-track and 3 Auto Modes

The smart massage chair can automatically scan your body, then adjust a proper massage position to match your neck, back and waist.

The s-track design is aim to provide flexible massage for your neck, lower back and waist. Also the 3 auto modes are preset for you here.

Foot Rollers for Blood Circulation

The shiatsu massager also equiped with foot rollers, after a long day of work, foot roller is here to soothe your feet area.

Massaging on feet can not only stimulate your blood flow, but also adjust your neural connections.

Legs Stretching and Shoulder Width Adjustable

Here the calves massage part can stretch to 18cm to fit for different body height.

The electric massage rollers are adjustable for different shoulder width, it measures 4 to 21cm with 3 levels. Whatever you are thin or fat, the recliner rollers can also reach your shoulder area for massaging.