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Platinum series PS-6500 SL-TRACK Zero-Gravity Full-Body 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner




snkshops Platinum series PS-6500 Full-Body Advanced Massage Chair

PS-6500 is the newest design for 2019.SL-track with 3D robot-hand rollers along with full-body airbags massage system that to give you the best massage experience.

SL-track robot-hand Massage System

RealRelax's 50" SL-track pushes the chair's rollers from head to thighs,ensuring that you receive an full-body massage;Robot Hands inside of the backrest work with SL-TRACK provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to thighs.Our robot-hand rollers have upto 12 different massage techniques.

Intelligent Android pad control system

The Android pad with all massage function control,you can adjust your massage chair just by tapping the screen!Built-in music/video player,and you can download APPs in the Google Play!

DEEP Zero Gravity with armrest-linkage system

  • One-button zero-gravity design, Zero gravity position elevates your knees above your heart,which allows the spine to decompress,proveides a sense of weightlessness,and maximizes the effects of the massage rollers, release neck pressure and reduce heart load, bring an unprecedented massage experience.
  • The armrest-linkage system can keep your arm in the armrest with airbags all the time during Zero Gravity.

8+16 unique massage programs

PS-6500 has 8 auto programs and 16 manual programs. preset auto massage programs have different massage methods including: Relax,Extend,Zero,Neck-shoulder,Back,Waist,Foot,Arm and etc.

Full-Body Airbag system

 Unique air pressure system.Theshoulders,waist,arms,legs and feet are all equipped with airbags.By inflating and deflating,provide full body massage experience,help to relax body and relieve fatigue.

Automatic Footrest Extension

the foot-rest of PS-6500 extends mechanically in order to accommodate the user's specific leg length and can fits from 5.2ft to 6.5ft


Intelligent Body Scanning Technology

Body scanning technology ensures that the massage rollers hit all of your unique pressure points by scanning your body to detect your body size and adjusting the position of the rollers

Foot massage system

Foot massage system,including airbags and rollers,provides a Thai type scrapping massage,bring unprecedented comfort and enjoyment,help relieve foot stress and improve night sleep quality.

Zero Wall Space-saving Technology

Space-saving Technology enables the chair to move forward on it'strack,allows the user to place it right against the wall.

Adjustable Shoulder Airbags

The shoulder airbags can be manually adjusted up and down, to fit your shoulders.


Equipped with heating system,to promote blood circulation and provides constant temperature to let you have a safe and comfortable heating experience.

Additional Features

Bluetooth music play,Ajustable roller and airbag speed(hi/mid/slow),manual function,15-30mins timer,sleepmode,etc…


  • [ Rated Voltage ] 110-120V
  • [ Rated Frequency ] 50/60 Hz
  • [ Rated Power Consumption ] 260W Max
  • [ Box Dimension ] (LXWXH) 55 x 35 x 45 Inches
  • [ Chair Dimension ] (LXWXH) 51x 33 x 46 Inches

•       [ Net Weight ] 265Lb, ship in one boxes.