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10PCS KN95 Masks Air Purifying Dust Pollution Vented Respirator Face Mouth Masks




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Cover the nose and mouth and hang the ear straps on both sides of the mask on the ear; Fix the bridge of the nose in a nose to prevent dirty air from entering; Pull the mask to the lower jaw to create a three-dimensional breathing space. Best wear time is 8 hours. Widely use in the hospitals, restaurants, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops gray sky, fog weather and cleaning as well as other environments that require respir.

1. Disposable KN95 masks, breathable, anti dust, sanitary and convenient for using
2. 95% filtration, a 360-degree three dimensional breathing space, provide anti-bacterial and anti-dust protection for you
3. Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable, reduce skin irritation
4. High elastic rubber band, absorb sweat and not tight
5. Folding thin section, lightweight and easy to use

1. Name: KN95 Protective Mask
2. Color: White
3. Material: Non-woven Fabric
4. Filtering Rate: ≥95% (0.075μm Particles)
5. Protection Class: KN95
6. Validity: 3 Years
7. Applicable Object: Adults
8. Executive Standard: GB2626 KN95
9. Note: KN95=N95

Package Includes:
10 x KN95 Mas